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Generalissmo: A Poem by Kevin Watkins

All rights reserved by the author.

A political menace with
An inflated ego; full of his
Own self-importance;
Interested in revolution
But not socialism, once
Described a Georgian
Comrade, as the party’s
Imminent mediocrity.
A complete misjudgement
And, a complete slander,
Of a quietly spoken man,
Who possessed a high
Level of intelligence,
Patience, a steel will
And tenacity, put to
Serving the people…
That Georgian Comrade,
Who eventually became
The Generalissimo…
Father of the nation, who
Led his people to victory,
Over the Hitlerite fascists…
Then, when his time came,
When life had left him
And the flesh grew still,
Working men and women
Unashamedly wept, for
They had lost a Father…
The Georgian Comrade,
Once falsely described as the
Party’s imminent mediocrity;
The man of steel, who is still
Admired and remembered.