In the Spirit of Saint-Just: With Nazbols One Exchanges Not Words, But Lead.

When the Stalin Society of North America was formed, its founding members fully expected that we would be the focus of concerted attacks by reactionaries, liberals and anti-communists; but little did we expect the onslaught of outright lunatics and provocateurs that we would have to deal with.  The most recent example of the latter came in the form of an article written by one Mr. Gearoid O’ Colmain in the June 29, 2016 edition of the American Herald Tribune.

We replied to Mr. O’ Colmain’s mixture of reaction, homophobia, pseudo-science, and Nazbolism in the article Reactionary Anti-Gay Article Posing as “Marxist” Advocates “Conversion Therapy” And Attacks the Stalin Society of North America.

It now appears that Mr. O’ Colmain wishes to continue the attack:

We are done with Mr. O’ Colmain, and ordinarily, we would scrape our shoe and march on; however, he has raised a couple of points that we feel we need to bring to the attention of our friends and supporters.

  1.  In his latest hack-piece, Mr. O’ Colmain asserts that the events in Ferguson, MI in 2014 when the African-American and working class community rose up in anger and outrage over the murder of Michael Brown by a white police officer were “Soros-funded.”
  2. Mr. O’ Colmain, again in his latest piece, claims to support the legacy of Comrade Enver Hoxha and upbraids the Stalin Society of North America and others for supposedly “failing” to follow suit.  Curiously, no party, organization, or international grouping which upholds the “Hoxhaist” tradition seems to have ever heard of him.

That said, we are done.  We have said all there is to say on this matter.  For, to paraphrase the great French Revolutionary, Louis Saint-Just:

With Nazbols one exchanges not words, but lead.