We Have a Winner!


We are very proud to announce the winner of this year’s Stalin Society of North America Essay Competition.

The winner is Pabian Micek for his article, Kotkin’s Stalin: Prospects and Perils.

As this year’s winning essay, Comrade Micek will:

  1.  Have his essay published on the SSNA website.
  2.  Have hisessay published as an SSNA pamphlet.
  3.  Be invited to contribute articles for publication by the SSNA.
  4.  Be granted free SSNA membership.
  5.  Be awarded and SSNA 2016 calendar.


6.  Win a copy of Grover Furr’s latest work, Trotsky’s “Amalgams.”

We heartily congratulate Comrade Ztachelski for his fine submission; and thank the other comrades who offered essays for consideration.

And now. . .