Anti-Stalin Mythbusters. . .


Myth Number Five:  Stalin said “Death solves all problems.  No man, no problem.”

SOURCE: This quotation is repeated in many bourgeois ‘history’ books, school text books, TV programs etc.

TARGET OF MYTH: Everyone, with the aim of making Stain appear sinister and villainous.

REBUTTAL: Literary evidence.  Statement from originator of myth.

CONTRARY EVIDENCE:  “No man, no problem.” Comes from a work of fiction, the novel Children of the Arbat (1987) by Anatoly Rybakov where he had a FICTIONAL Stalin say it.  In his later work, The Novel of Memories, Rybakov admitted that there was no source for the quote and that he had made it up as fictional dialog.

CONCLUSION: Various “journalists,” “biographers” and “historians” have repeated this fictional quote, the purpose of this is to paint a picture of Stalin as cynical, sinister, and malevolent. Frequently, this “quote” is accompanied  are accompanied by “psychological” speculations about Stalin being “paranoid” or “cruel.”

STATUS: Busted!