Anatomy of a Forgery

Recently a document has been circulated online purporting to be the birth certificate of Stalin’s mother, Ekaterine Geladze.  The document is offered as “proof” that Stalin’s grandmother was not Melania Homezurashvili as has always been believed; rather, that Stalin’s grandmother was an American (Indigenous) named Louisa Almeda Claffin.

Textual and material analysis reveals that this document is a forgery.  Below we offer the documentation and the analyses.

  1.  Circled in green.  Melania Homezurashvili’s name has been removed and replaced by the name Louisa Almeda Claffin in a Latin alphabet computer font, Sacker’s Italian script.  Said font was first designed in 2001.  Documentation:

2.  Circled in blue.  The date “5 t’ebervali” (5 February) appears in a Latin alphabet computer font, Vladimir Script.  Said font was first designed in 1995.  Documentation:

3.  Circled in red.  The name, “Gambareuli” (Stalin’s mother’s birthplace), appears in a Latin alphabet computer font, Viner Hand ITC.  Said font was first developed in 1998.  Documentation:

5.  Analysis using a forensic desaturation program revealed another anomaly.  It is appears that when this facsimile was copied or scanned, an English language document was underneath. The text of that document bled through to the “birth certificate” and some of it is legible, as per the image(s) below.  A modern-day American school notice of some sort.

Thus, this document is proven to be a forgery, and a crude one at that.


forgery 2

forgery 3