An Open Letter to the Members, Friends, and Supporters of the Stalin Society of North America In Respect to One “Emily Halona Stalin”

It has come to our attention that an individual using the Facebook name of “Emily Halona Stalin”  has been contacting various left organizations claiming to be Comrade Stalin’s distant cousin and demanding a leadership role due to this supposed “hereditary right.”  “Emily Halona Stalin” has attempted on numerous occasions to alter the Wikipedia article on Stalin’s mother, Ekaterine Geladze, in order to bolster their spurious claims.  So much so that the editors and administrators of Wikipedia have closed the article on Stalin’s mother to any further outside editing.  Recently, this individual attempted to advertise and sell a book they have written advancing their claims, A Forgotten History of Stalin, on the Stalin Society’s Facebook page.  Moreover, the person now calling themselves “Emily Halona Stalin” has a history of fraud and misrepresentation spanning several years; and focusing on different topics.  This fixation on asserting some kind of kinship to Comrade Stalin, and materially profiting from that alleged kinship, is their latest delusion.

We, in the Stalin Society, feel their comments and actions are misguided and that they need to engage in self-evaluation and ultimately, some robust self-criticism.

While we do not wish them any ill intent,  the SSNA  does not want to be part of, or a forum for, any fraudulent claims such as the ones they are  perpetuating.  The Stalin Society of North America is devoted to the principle of establishing historical truth.  As such we cannot accept any attempt by anyone for any reason to warp and distort historical truth.  Much less can we stand by and permit historical falsification for personal gain to go unchallenged and unrebuked.

As such, we ask all our members, friends, and supporters to be wary of this individual and their false claims and allegations.  Likewise we hope that “Emily Halona Stalin” finds the help they need.

The Executive Committee,

Stalin Society of North America