Educational/Cultural “Stalin Center” Opens in Penza, Russia

An educational/cultural center dedicated to the life and times of Comrade Stalin opened in the Russian city of Penza this week.  In an opening ceremony timed to coincide with the Soviet leader’s 163 birthday on December 21, crowds placed flowers on a bust of Stalin outside the Center and listened to a presentation by Communist Party representative, Giorgii Kamenev.
“Time itself defines the actual heroes of today. The image of Stalin is becoming more and more popular, first as a person, but as a simple man too. He was very modest, even though he was the head of a huge country,” Kamenev stated.
Kamenev emphasized that the purpose of the new Center was not to idolize Stalin personally – but to honor an entire epoch of Soviet history.“We focus on the fact that it is not a museum, there are no historical items associated with Stalin here,” Kamnev affirmed. “There is a historical and cultural Center. We will talk about the events that took place at that time, we will discuss them with historians and people connected with culture. It will be a scientific and cultural Center.”