Stalin’s “Millions”

People argue that Stalin had tens of millions of people murdered. But if that is the case, then why do the actual facts report increasing populations instead of decreasing populations? Here are the results from a simple Google search on Russia’s population levels:

1917: 184.6 million

1926: 147 million (the effects of the civil war)

1931: 161 million

1939: 170.5 million

1940: 191.7 million

1950: 181 million (the effects of ww2)

1960: 214.2 million


So, where are these massive decreases in the population that Stalin was supposed to be responsible for?

If there had been millions of people killed you would see a sharp drop in the population, followed by a long recovery period. Notice that it took 23 years to get back to the 1917 level after the Revolution/Civil War. If you look at the “Stalin years” what you see is a steady growth in the population (minus the fall caused by W.W. II). It should also be noted that shifting borders after world wars I and II would add and subtract from the totals.

Here is an example of what bourgeois historians do vis-a-vis the Soviet Union , only turned against the US:

But we offer the above just to prove a point, because that too is false. Here are the facts:

US Population

1910 = 91,972,266

1920 = 105,710,620

1930 = 122,775,041

1940 = 131,669,275

To really put those statistics in context, and to explain why, had millions been “killed by Stalin” you would have seen a fast, sharp decline followed by a slow recovery; just consider a simple fact: It takes a microsecond to kill a human being; it takes nine months to make a new one.

As said above “It takes a microsecond to kill a human being; it takes nine months to make a new one.” But then one needs to consider that for significant demographic growth/recovery those new human beings would have to produce new human beings of their own. And that would take an additional 15 – 18 years, at least.  So, you take all of this into consideration and the numbers just don’t support the theory of a massive loss of life during Stalin’s administration.

One thing the Nazis taught the world was that the systematic murder of millions of people requires harnessing vast resources and the stretches the capacities of a modern state to the limit.

Consider: Transporting massive amounts of people to the place where they will be killed; the building of industrial capacity gas ovens and crematoria; the large amount of labor needed to staff such an endeavor. All that is evident from the history of the Holocaust.

So, if Stalin’s government murdered even MORE people than did the Nazis (as is often claimed), then where was the machinery of extermination? Its base and superstructure? Its labor force? Where are the Soviet railway workers who shoved people into boxcars? Where are the railway timetables coordinating their movement? Where are the factories that produced the poison gas (keeping the comparison with the Nazis going)? Where are the workers who labored in those factories producing the poison gas? Where are the blueprints for the construction of crematoria? Where are the NKVD men who did the supposed killing?

Answer: No where. Because it’s all a lie.

Moreover, where are the witnesses? We have tons of testimony about the Nazi atrocities from both killers and victims. Where are the Soviet ones? Again, they are no where. Because they never where. Finally, why was none of this mentioned at the time — or even for decades afterward?

You have to hand it to Robert Conquest, he single handedly created the Stalin-killed-more-people-than-Hitler industry that has proven so useful and profitable to the Right.