Letter of Prof. V. I. Ilyukhin to Vladimir Putin on the Falsification of Katyn Documents

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Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

I am  sending to you a collection of materials from the ”round table meeting” concerning the subject “Katyn: judicial and political aspects”, which was conducted in the State Duma on April 19, 2010.

In its work participated major Russian scientists, history scholars, lawyers, representatives for the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office, who have been directly involved in the investigation of the criminal justice case regarding the death of Polish POWs.

With the support of collected additional materials regarding the Katyn tragedy, the meeting participants came to the clear conclusion that the Poles were shot in the Autumn of 1941 by the Fascists after their occupation of Smolensk oblast. This opinion has also emerged on the basis of facts testifying of the falsification of historical documents. The investigation of the criminal justice case was bordered by serious violations of procedures, conducted for the benefit of the Poles, thus it is necessary to go on with the preliminary investigation and when it is over all available documents in its possession must be turned over to a court for a public evaluation.

At the same time it has been stated that it would be appropriate to create a Russian government commission in order to establish what happened to the 200 000 Red Guards and civilians (Russians, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Jews), who ended up in Polish captivity during the years 1918-1920.

According to available information over 80 000 people died in Polish camps from the intentional denial of medical care, brutal treatment, lack of food and shootings.

We ask you to look into this.

Attachment: 2 copies of the brochure “The Secrets of the Katyn Tragedy”.


Vice-chairman of the Committee
for Constitutional Legislation
and State Construction
V. I. Ilyukhin