Under Our Stalin Banner

by Kyle Thomas

All rights reserved to the author.

We march under the banner of Stalin,
Always following the fluttering flag of red,
We still hear the world’s oppressed calling,
We will fight to restore a dignity thought dead.
So many lies and slanders surround you,
Comrade Stalin, so much mud has been heaped upon your grave,
The privileged laugh when the enlightened defend you,
Comrade Stalin, a man principled and brave.
For the workers you sacrificed your life,
In victory and defeat you led the toiling against the rulers,
And now those very rulers make dark what was right,
And spread wild myths by their books and the scholars.
But curse and laugh as they might,
Comrade Stalin, we know the truth of it all,
We will never give up our righteous fight,
Till the workers can finally stand tall.
Yes! Under the banner of Comrade Stalin we proudly march,
Heartened by the spirit of our leader,
The liberator, who braved the world’s swamps and its marsh,
Always to make the people freer.
You, dear Comrade, we thank for lighting our way,
And as you fought in Lenin’s spirit so we fight in yours,
Against the cries and curses of privilege we will have our day,
The day of the toilers’ victory, of the people’s power from the mountains to the moors.
We are proud to march under the banner of Comrade Stalin,
In whose eyes and spirit we find our hope and our glee,
We shall always march under the banner of great Comrade Stalin,
Which shall fly over the world when all people are free.